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How does Lendica Work?

Precision Underwriting. Automated Collection. Total Solution.


Lendica's proprietary underwriting model qualifies businesses based on fundamentals, location and technology. We select only the best businesses so we can offer the best rates!


We work with the top payment processing partners to make deployment of capital and collection easy for both parties. Your processor may already be approved!


We are a trusted resource to the credit market and it is our fiduciary duty to protect the private information of our partners. This includes borrowers and investors.

Data Science Meets Credit

Lendica's advanced underwriting helps you save.


We use technology to get to know you.

We can offer the lowest rates because our system does most of the number crunching, and more.

  • Verification without the pain of all those site visits.
  • OCR technology reads your statements within seconds.
  • Revenue statements from your payment processor tell us the rest.
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Your address helps paint the picture.

We use your business location to help understand the local market and project your growth. In a less populated area? No problem! Our models focus on your unique scenario and qualify you accordingly.

We support multiple locations. Tell us about your anchor store and we'll include the rest in our analysis.

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Let's hear your elavator pitch.

As important to our analysis as the quantitative data is, our qualitative assessment can impact your deal.

  • What new projects are you circling?
  • How are you updating to handle COVID-19?
  • Is it time to capitalize on new inventory channels?
  • Do you have new talent you'd like to entice?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Resource Center for more information.

What happens when I submit my application?

When you submit your application, the Lendica underwriting model starts cranking. We will immediately reach out with next steps regarding your credit, system integration, and more.

Who is funding my working capital?

Lendica partners with private credit investors that have expertise in small business lending markets. These lending partners work with Lendica to qualify good borrowers and get capital to them quickly.

How much does Lendica charge me?

Lendica is focused on providing efficient and cost-effective capital markets. Borrowers may be subject to an origination fee only upon issuance of your working capital. It is absolutely free to apply!

Will applying with Lendica impact my credit score?

Lendica may require its borrowers to provide Experian FICO scores. In the event that a hard credit pull is required, your FICO score may be impacted.

If my business only accepts payments with cash can I still get working capital?

Lendica’s edge is its ability to quickly underwrite, deploy, and collect on your working capital. Businesses that do not currently have technology to accept debit card transactions can apply here.

If I get denied by Lendica can I apply again?

Yes! Lendica prides itself on being fully transparent throughout the underwriting process. If you for whatever reason do not qualify, we will gladly share why and work to help you next time around!

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