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How to get a cannabis loan?

The cannabis industry suffers from a massive credit crisis. Lendica is here to help.

Do cannabis loans exist?

Getting a cannabis loan should not be difficult. The cannabis industry has grown, on average, more than 30% year of year since 2015. With more legal cannabis states passing regulation each year, the trend is likely to continue. That is why Lendica is here to help your canna-business get access to capital.

How fast can I get cannabis financing?

So how does one get a cannabis loan? It turns out that with the right partner it is really easy. The Lendica team uses the data that already exists in your business to qualify you for a cannabis loan. This includes your reverse-ATM transactions, POS system, and bank statements. Sometimes, just these three data feeds alone can qualify you for $50,000 instantly.

Who is funding my cannabis loan?

Why can Lendica qualify you for a cannabis loan so quickly? It is really simple. We are backed by massive, private investors that believe in the future of cannabis. These investors understand the importance of using data to make credit decisions. The cannabis lending market is full of many brokers that ask for stale tax filings, income statements and balance sheets, and months of bank statements that take too much time to collect. Then, after weeks of calling around, they decide that your business is too risky or that they need to wait. Lendica thinks this process is unfair and a waste of time for both parties.

How do I qualify?

Lendica is different. Lendica has agreements with many of the big software companies in cannabis. When you need a cannabis loan, we simply help you use your data to get your credit fast and easy. We have helped small Mom & Pop dispensaries get small marijuana loans to help make payroll or buy inventory at better rates. We also can help larger dispensaries get enough money to open a new shop.

What is my rate?

Lendica uses real-time data to make your decision. Because of this, more often than not, you will qualify for a cannabis loan faster and at a better rate. You can qualify for up to $500,000 with factor rates are as low as 1.1 and flexible terms. Apply today and find out just how fast and simple working with Lendica really is!