Cannabis Regulation by State

The passing of new cannabis regulation in Arizona, New Jersey and South Dakota marks a historic period in US history. There are now 16 states that allow consumers over the age of 21 to purchase cannabis recreationally. More than half of the country allows for the medicinal use of cannabis. With regulational constantly changing, we put together this Cannabis Regulation Heat Map to keep an eye on the moving target.

Legal Cannabis States 2020

State Abbreviation Recreational Medicinal Dispensary Count
Colorado CO Legal Legal 718
Oklahoma OK Illegal Legal 627
California CA Legal Legal 617
Oregon OR Legal Legal 601
Washington WA Legal Legal 422
Florida FL Illegal Legal 246
Michigan MI Legal Legal 204
Montana MT Legal Legal 159
Arizona AZ Legal Legal 122
Alaska AK Legal Legal 94
Pennsylvania PA Illegal Legal 88
Massachusetts MA Legal Legal 85
Maryland MD Decriminalized Legal 85
Nevada NV Legal Legal 73
Maine ME Legal Legal 69
Illinois IL Legal Legal 63
Ohio OH Decriminalized Legal 51
Connecticut CT Decriminalized Legal 17
Hawaii HI Decriminalized Legal 13
Minnesota MN Decriminalized Legal 9
Louisiana LA Illegal Legal 9
Vermont VT Legal Legal 7
Delaware DE Decriminalized Legal 6
Utah UT Illegal Legal 3
Wyoming WY Illegal CBD 0
Wisconsin WI Illegal CBD 0
West Virginia WV Illegal Legal 0
Virginia VA Decriminalized CBD 0
Tennessee TN Illegal CBD 0
South Dakota SD Legal Legal 0
South Carolina SC Illegal CBD 0
Rhode Island RI Decriminalized Legal 0
North Dakota ND Decriminalized Legal 8
North Carolina NC Decriminalized CBD 0
New York NY Decriminalized Legal 38
New Mexico NM Decriminalized Legal 0
New Jersey NJ Legal Legal 12
New Hampshire NH Legal Legal 0
Nebraska NE Decriminalized Illegal 0
Missouri MO Decriminalized Legal 0
Mississippi MS Decriminalized Legal 0
Kentucky KY Illegal CBD 0
Kansas KS Illegal CBD 0
Iowa IA Illegal CBD 0
Indiana IN Illegal CBD 0
Idaho ID Illegal CBD 0
Georgia GA Decriminalized CBD 0
Alabama AL Illegal CBD 0
Texas TX Illegal CBD 5
Arkansas AR Illegal Legal 19