How Dispensaries Spark Growth Over Holidays

Jared Shulman Nov. 18, 2020

This particular holiday season has some added quirks.

The COVID-19 virus has continued to pick up steem and families around the country are rethinking plans, preparing for smaller crowds, and — for those partial to cannabis — prepping for hearty leftovers. So how can the savvy dispensary owner draw in crowds to ease the holiday stress? We look at three sure-fire ways to increase sales and drive in-store visits.

1. Optimize SEO. If you have the luxury of opening up downtown in a primary city, you may not require a strong web presence. We found that dispensaries in major cities do not even require a website to run a profitable company. That said, for those dispensary owners outside major cities or even downtown in smaller districts, a strong web presence is crucial. Did you know? On average, the top ranked dispensaries on Google earn twice as much as those ranked five or below! For those dispensaries that are looking for a big push come Winter 2020, getting your SEO optimized may be a critical first step. Hint: Lendica can help.

Dispensaries in Top Google Rank Earn 2x

2. Digital Coupons. Digital coupons, like the ones from coupon software provider deCookie, make reaching and expanding your audience a breeze. The cannabis industry has some great POS systems, like Flowhub, which allow customers to capitalize on loyalty points. deCookie is a service that expands this loyalty to attract a new audience with an immediate trigger. Digital coupons are a great way to increase your traffic and incent borrowers to try your product. Importantly, the digital coupon concept helps the customer store their coupon on their phone as opposed to carrying it with them at all times. This holiday season is a perfect excuse to build custom campaigns to remind clients to celebrate the seasons comfortably. Sometimes, even a small 10% discount can convert a customer for life!

3. Get high quality products. Dispensaries that offer high qualify products are almost always rewarded. Did you know? On average, most customers comment on a dispensaries quality of product or service as opposed to their convenience or price! Getting access to high quality products is not always easy but is supremely important. People will remember you for the experience they had with your goods and may not come back if they can get something better elsewhere. This is true even if you are located closer! If getting access to these higher quality products is too expensive, you may consider partnering with Lendica to help buy in bulk. Lendica, the cannabis industry’s most advanced capital partner, can help you by financing the purchase of larger quantities of goods. We work directly with your supplier to get them paid instantly and make sure your inventory is shipped directly to you. Remember, in many cases quality is king — especially if you’re a boutique.

So make sure you are stocking the shelves with the best goods you can get your hands on! Hope you have a great holiday season!

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